Ben Hanna is folk. Ben Hanna is not folk. Ben Hanna is rock. Ben Hanna is not rock. Ben Hanna is funny. Ben Hanna is not funny. Ben Hanna is… Ben Hanna.

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We Were All Like Whatever on iTunes

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Ben Hanna: We Were All Like Whatever

“The dude’s quirky as hell, and he’s got this deadpan talk-singing thing going on that’s part Lou Reed and part John Prine, with a little bit of Jonathan Richman tossed in. The great thing about Hanna’s vocal delivery and phrasing is that his lyrics, which are pretty damn funny and poignant, are front and center, whether he’s singing about eating $5 titty-bar chicken, going through a breakup, or a guy hiding dime bags in his gym socks” – Jon Solomon, Westword Magazine.